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Bitcoin GUI now available from Debian/unstable (and Ubuntu/raring)
2nd February 2013

My last bitcoin related blog post mentioned that the new bitcoin package for Debian was waiting in NEW. It was accepted by the Debian ftp-masters 2013-01-19, and have been available in unstable since then. It was automatically copied to Ubuntu, and is available in their Raring version too.

But there is a strange problem with the build that block this new version from being available on the i386 and kfreebsd-i386 architectures. For some strange reason, the autobuilders in Debian for these architectures fail to run the test suite on these architectures (BTS #672524). We are so far unable to reproduce it when building it manually, and no-one have been able to propose a fix. If you got an idea what is failing, please let us know via the BTS.

One feature that is annoying me with of the bitcoin client, because I often run low on disk space, is the fact that the client will exit if it run short on space (BTS #696715). So make sure you have enough disk space when you run it. :)

As usual, if you use bitcoin and want to show your support of my activities, please send Bitcoin donations to my address 15oWEoG9dUPovwmUL9KWAnYRtNJEkP1u1b.

Tags: bitcoin, debian, english.

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