Petter Reinholdtsen

Debian has switched to dependency based boot sequencing
27th July 2009

Since this evening, with the upload of sysvinit version 2.87dsf-2, and the upload of insserv version 1.12.0-10 yesterday, Debian unstable have been migrated to using dependency based boot sequencing. This conclude work me and others have been doing for the last three days. It feels great to see this finally part of the default Debian installation. Now we just need to weed out the last few problems that are bound to show up, to get everything ready for Squeeze.

The next step is migrating /sbin/init from sysvinit to upstart, and fixing the more fundamental problem of handing the event based non-predictable kernel in the early boot.

Tags: bootsystem, debian, english, nuug.

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