Petter Reinholdtsen

Officeshots taking shape
13th June 2010

For those of us caring about document exchange and interoperability, OfficeShots is a great service. It is to ODF documents what BrowserShots is for web pages.

A while back, I was contacted by Knut Yrvin at the part of Nokia that used to be Trolltech, who wanted to help the OfficeShots project and wondered if the University of Oslo where I work would be interested in supporting the project. I helped him to navigate his request to the right people at work, and his request was answered with a spot in the machine room with power and network connected, and Knut arranged funding for a machine to fill the spot. The machine is administrated by the OfficeShots people, so I do not have daily contact with its progress, and thus from time to time check back to see how the project is doing.

Today I had a look, and was happy to see that the Dell box in our machine room now is the host for several virtual machines running as OfficeShots factories, and the project is able to render ODF documents in 17 different document processing implementation on Linux and Windows. This is great.

Tags: english, standard.

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