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A French paperback edition of the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig is now available
12th April 2016

I'm happy to report that the French paperback edition of my project to translate the Free Culture book by Lawrence Lessig is now available for sale on Once I have formally verified my proof reading copy, which should be in the mail, the paperback edition should be available in book stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble too.

This French edition, Culture Libre, is the work of the dblatex developer Benoît Guillon, who created the PO file from the initial translation available from the Wikilivres wiki pages and completed and corrected the translation to match the original docbook edition my project is using, as well as coordinated the proof reading of the final result. I believe the end result look great, but I am biased and do not read French. In addition to the paperback edition, the book is available in PDF, EPUB and Mobi format from the github project page linked to above.

When enabling book store distribution on, I had to nearly triple the price to allow the book stores some profit. I also had to accept that I will get some revenue when a book is sold via But because of the non-commercial clause in the book license (CC-BY-NC), this might be a problem. To bypass the problem I discussed how to handle the revenue with the author, and we agreed that the revenue for these editions go to the Creative Commons non-profit Corporation who handle donations to the Creative Commons project. So far they have earned around USD 70 on sales of the English and Norwegian Bokmål editions, according to They will get the revenue for the French edition too. Their revenue is higher if you buy the book directly from instead of via a book store, so I recommend you buy directly from

Perhaps you would like to get the book published in your language? The translation is done using a web based translator service, so the technical bar to enter is fairly low. Get in touch if you would like to make this happen.

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