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Invidious add-on for Kodi 20
10th August 2023

I still enjoy Kodi and LibreELEC as my multimedia center at home. Sadly two of the services I really would like to use from within Kodi are not easily available. The most wanted add-on would be one making The Internet Archive available, and it has not been working for many years. The second most wanted add-on is one using the Invidious privacy enhanced Youtube frontent. A plugin for this has been partly working, but not been kept up to date in the Kodi add-on repository, and its upstream seem to have given it up in April this year, when the git repository was closed. A few days ago I got tired of this sad state of affairs and decided to have a go at improving the Invidious add-on. As Google has already attacked the Invidious concept, so it need all the support if can get. My small contribution here is to improve the service status on Kodi.

I added support to the Invidious add-on for automatically picking a working Invidious instance, instead of requiring the user to specify the URL to a specific instance after installation. I also had a look at the set of patches floating around in the various forks on github, and decided to clean up at least some of the features I liked and integrate them into my new release branch. Now the plugin can handle channel and short video items in search results. Earlier it could only handle single video instances in the search response. I also brushed up the set of metadata displayed a bit, but hope I can figure out how to get more relevant metadata displayed.

Because I only use Kodi 20 myself, I only test on version 20 and am only motivated to ensure version 20 is working. Because of API changes between version 19 and 20, I suspect it will fail with earlier Kodi versions.

I already asked to have the add-on added to the official Kodi 20 repository, and is waiting to heard back from the repo maintainers.

As usual, if you use Bitcoin and want to show your support of my activities, please send Bitcoin donations to my address 15oWEoG9dUPovwmUL9KWAnYRtNJEkP1u1b.

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