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A Norwegian FixMyStreet have kept me busy the last few weeks
3rd April 2011

Here is a small update for my English readers. Most of my blog posts have been in Norwegian the last few weeks, so here is a short update in English.

The kids still keep me too busy to get much free software work done, but I did manage to organise a project to get a Norwegian port of the British service FixMyStreet up and running, and it has been running for a month now. The entire project has been organised by me and two others. Around Christmas we gathered sponsors to fund the development work. In January I drafted a contract with mySociety on what to develop, and in February the development took place. Most of it involved converting the source to use GPS coordinates instead of British easting/northing, and the resulting code should be a lot easier to get running in any country by now. The Norwegian FiksGataMi is using OpenStreetmap as the map source and the source for administrative borders in Norway, and support for this had to be added/fixed.

The Norwegian version went live March 3th, and we spent the weekend polishing the system before we announced it March 7th. The system is running on a KVM instance of Debian/Squeeze, and has seen almost 3000 problem reports in a few weeks. Soon we hope to announce the Android and iPhone versions making it even easier to report problems with the public infrastructure.

Perhaps something to consider for those of you in countries without such service?

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