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A word on bitcoin support in Debian
21st December 2012

It has been a while since I wrote about bitcoin, the decentralised peer-to-peer based crypto-currency, and the reason is simply that I have been busy elsewhere. But two days ago, I started looking at the state of bitcoin in Debian again to try to recover my old bitcoin wallet. The package is now maintained by a team of people, and the grunt work had already been done by this team. We owe a huge thank you to all these team members. :) But I was sad to discover that the bitcoin client is missing in Wheezy. It is only available in Sid (and an outdated client from backports). The client had several RC bugs registered in BTS blocking it from entering testing. To try to help the team and improve the situation, I spent some time providing patches and triaging the bug reports. I also had a look at the bitcoin package available from Matt Corallo in a PPA for Ubuntu, and moved the useful pieces from that version into the Debian package.

After checking with the main package maintainer Jonas Smedegaard on IRC, I pushed several patches into the collab-maint git repository to improve the package. It now contains fixes for the RC issues (not from me, but fixed by Scott Howard), build rules for a Qt GUI client package, konqueror support for the bitcoin: URI and bash completion setup. As I work on Debian Squeeze, I also created a patch to backport the latest version. Jonas is going to look at it and try to integrate it into the git repository before uploading a new version to unstable.

I would very much like bitcoin to succeed, to get rid of the centralized control currently exercised in the monetary system. I find it completely unacceptable that the USA government is collecting transaction data for almost all international money transfers (most are done in USD and transaction logs shipped to the spooks), and that the major credit card companies can block legal money transactions to Wikileaks. But for bitcoin to succeed, more people need to use bitcoins, and more people need to accept bitcoins when they sell products and services. Improving the bitcoin support in Debian is a small step in the right direction, but not enough. Unfortunately the user experience when browsing the web and wanting to pay with bitcoin is still not very good. The bitcoin: URI is a step in the right direction, but need to work in most or every browser in use. Also the bitcoin-qt client is too heavy to fire up to do a quick transaction. I believe there are other clients available, but have not tested them.

My experiment with bitcoins showed that at least some of my readers use bitcoin. I received 20.15 BTC so far on the address I provided in my blog two years ago, as can be seen on the blockexplorer service. Thank you everyone for your donation. The blockexplorer service demonstrates quite well that bitcoin is not quite anonymous and untracked. :) I wonder if the number of users have gone up since then. If you use bitcoin and want to show your support of my activity, please send Bitcoin donations to the same address as last time, 15oWEoG9dUPovwmUL9KWAnYRtNJEkP1u1b.

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