Petter Reinholdtsen

After 6 years of waiting, the Xreset.d feature is implemented
6th March 2010

6 years ago, as part of the Debian Edu development I am involved in, I asked for a hook in the kdm and gdm setup to run scripts as root when the user log out. A bug was submitted against the xfree86-common package in 2004 (#230422), and revisited every time Debian Edu was working on a new release. Today, this finally paid off.

The framework for this feature was today commited to the git repositry for the xorg package, and the git repository for xdm has been updated to use this framework. Next on my agenda is to make sure kdm and gdm also add code to use this framework.

In Debian Edu, we want to ability to run commands as root when the user log out, to get rid of runaway processes and do general cleanup after a user. With this framework in place, we finally can do that in a generic way that work with all display managers using this framework. My goal is to get all display managers in Debian use it, similar to how they use the Xsession.d framework today.

Tags: debian edu, english, nuug.

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