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ColonHelp produser sue WordPress to silence critic
12th October 2012

Thanks to a blog post by Eddy Petrișor, I became aware of yet another "alternative medicine" company using legal intimidation tactics to scare off critics. According to the originating blog post about the detox "cure" ColonHelp and its producers Zenyth Pharmaceuticals actions, the producer sues Wordpress to get rid of the critical information. To check if the story was for real, I contacted Automattic, the company behind, and they reply was "We can confirm that Zenyth is seeking a court order against WordPress / Automattic. However, we don't believe the Terms of Service have been violated in this matter".

The story seem to be simply that a blogger checked the scientific foundation for a popular health product in Rumania, ColonHelp, and reported that there was no reason at all to believe it improved the health of its users. This caused the company behind the product, Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, to use legal intimidation to try to silence the critic, instead of presenting its views and scientific foundation to argue its side.

This is the usual story, and the Zenyth Pharmaceuticals company deserve everyone to know how it failed to act properly. Lets hope the Streisand effect can make it rethink its strategy.

What is the harm, you might think. I suggest you take a look at a list of victims of detoxification.

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