Petter Reinholdtsen

Coz profiler for multi-threaded software is now in Debian
13th November 2016

The Coz profiler, a nice profiler able to run benchmarking experiments on the instrumented multi-threaded program, finally made it into Debian unstable yesterday. LluĂ­s Vilanova and I have spent many months since I blogged about the coz tool in August working with upstream to make it suitable for Debian. There are still issues with clang compatibility, inline assembly only working x86 and minimized JavaScript libraries.

To test it, install 'coz-profiler' using apt and run it like this:

coz run --- /path/to/binary-with-debug-info

This will produce a profile.coz file in the current working directory with the profiling information. This is then given to a JavaScript application provided in the package and available from a project web page. To start the local copy, invoke it in a browser like this:

sensible-browser /usr/share/coz-profiler/viewer/index.htm

See the project home page and the USENIX ;login: article on Coz for more information on how it is working.

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