Petter Reinholdtsen

Cutting it short - and picking the right tool for the job
30th April 2012

I normally cut my hair short, and my tool of choice has been a common hair/beard cutter, bought in a electrical shop here in Norway. But the last ones have not really been up to the task. My last cutter, some model from Braun, could only cut a few of my hairs at the time, and cutting my head took forever. And the one before that did not work very well either. We have looked for something better for a while, but it was not until I ended up visiting a hairdresser that we discovered that there are indeed better tools available. But these are not marketed and sold to "regular consumers". The hair saloons can get them through their suppliers, but their suppliers only sell companies. The models they sell, are very different from the ones available from Elkjøp and Lefdal. The main difference is their efficiency. It would cut my hair in 5 minutes, instead of the 30-40 minutes required by my impotent Braun. The hairdresser I visited had a Panasonic ER160, which unfortunately is no longer available from the producer. But I found it had a successor, the Panasonic ER1611.

The next step was to find somewhere to buy it. This was not straight forward. The list of suppliers I got from the hairdresser did not want to sell anything to me. But searching for the model on the web we found a supplier in Norway willing to sell it to us for around NOK 4000,-. This was a bit much. We kept searching and finally found a Danish supplier selling it for around NOK 1800,-. We ordered one, and it arrived a few days ago.

The instructions said it had to charge for 8 hours when we started to use it, so we left it charging over night. Normally it will only need one hour to charge. The following evening we successfully tested it, and I can warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a real hair cutter. The ones we have used until now have been hair cutter toys.

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