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7th July 2012

Included in Debian Edu / Skolelinux is a large collection of end user and school specific software. It is one of the packages not installed by default but provided in the Debian archive for schools to install if they want to, is a system to automatically plan the school time table using information about available teachers, classes and rooms, combined with the list of required courses and how many hours each topic should receive. The software is named FET, and it provide a graphical user interface to input the required information, save the result in a fairly simple XML format, and generate time tables for both teachers and students. It is available both for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

This is the feature list, liftet from the project web site:

I have not used it myself, as I am not involved in time table planning at a school, but it seem to work fine when I test it. If you need to set up your schools time table, and is tired of doing it manually, check it out. A quick summary on how to use it can be found in a blog post from MarvelSoft. If you find FET useful, please provide a recipe for the Debian Edu project in the Debian Edu HowTo section.

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