Petter Reinholdtsen

Half way there with translated docbook version of Free Culture
17th August 2012

In my spare time, I currently work on a Norwegian docbook version of the 2004 book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, to get a Norwegian text explaining the problems with the copyright law I can give to my parents and others that are reluctant to read an English book. It is a marvellous set of examples on how the ever expanding copyright regulations hurt culture and society. When the translation is done, I hope to find funding to print and ship a copy to all the members of the Norwegian parliament, before they sit down to debate the latest revisions to the Norwegian copyright law. This summer I called for volunteers to help me, and I have been able to secure the valuable contribution from at least one other Norwegian.

Two days ago, we finally broke the 50% mark. Then more than 50% of the number of strings to translate (normally paragraphs, but also titles and index entries are also counted). All parts from the beginning up to and including chapter four is translated. So is chapters six, seven and the conclusion. I created a graph to show the progress:

The number of strings to translate increase as I insert the index entries into the docbook. They were missing with the docbook version I initially started with. There are still quite a few index entries missing, but everyone starting with A, B, O, Z and Y are done. I currently focus on completing the index entries, to get a complete english version of the docbook source.

There is still need for translators and people with docbook knowledge, to be able to get a good looking book (I still struggle with dblatex, xmlto and docbook-xsl) as well as to do the draft translation and proof reading. And I would like the figures to be redrawn as SVGs to make it easy to translate them. Any SVG master around? I am sure there are some legal terms that are unfamiliar to me. If you want to help, please get in touch, and check out the project files currently available from github.

If you are curious what the translated book currently look like, the updated PDF and EPUB are published on github. The HTML version is published as well, but github hand it out with MIME type text/plain, confusing browsers, so I saw no point in linking to that version.

Tags: docbook, english, freeculture.

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