Petter Reinholdtsen

ISO still hope to fix OOXML
8th August 2009

According to a blog post from Torsten Werner, the current defect report for ISO 29500 (ISO OOXML) is 809 pages. His interesting point is that the defect report is 71 pages more than the full ODF 1.1 specification. Personally I find it more interesting that ISO still believe ISO OOXML can be fixed in ISO. Personally, I believe it is broken beyon repair, and I completely lack any trust in ISO for being able to get anywhere close to solving the problems. I was part of the Norwegian committee involved in the OOXML fast track process, and was not impressed with Standard Norway and ISO in how they handled it.

These days I focus on ODF instead, which seem like a specification with the future ahead of it. We are working in NUUG to organise a ODF seminar this autumn.

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