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New book, "Fri kultur" by @lessig, a Norwegian Bokmål translation of "Free Culture" from 2004
31st October 2015

People keep asking me where to get the various forms of the book I published last week, the Norwegian Bokmål edition of Lawrence Lessigs book Free Culture. It was published on paper via, and is also available in PDF, ePub and MOBI format. I currently sell the paper edition for self cost from, but might extend the distribution to book stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble later. This will double the price and force me to make a profit from selling the book. Anyway, here are links to get the book in different formats:

Note that the MOBI version have problems with the table of content, at least with the viewers I have been able to test. And the ePub file have several problems according to epubcheck, but seem to display fine in the viewers I have tested. All the files needed to create the book in various forms are available from the github project page.

The project got press coverage from the Norwegian IT news site Check out the article "Vil åpne politikernes øyne for Creative Commons".

I've blogged about the project as it moved along. The blogs document the translation progress and insights I had along the way.

Tags: english, freeculture.

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