Petter Reinholdtsen

New chrpath release 0.15
24th November 2013

After many years break from the package and a vain hope that development would be continued by someone else, I finally pulled my acts together this morning and wrapped up a new release of chrpath, the command line tool to modify the rpath and runpath of already compiled ELF programs. The update was triggered by the persistence of Isha Vishnoi at IBM, which needed a new config.guess file to get support for the ppc64le architecture (powerpc 64-bit Little Endian) he is working on. I checked the Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora packages for interesting patches (failed to find the source from OpenSUSE and Mandriva packages), and found quite a few nice fixes. These are the release notes:

New in 0.15 released 2013-11-24:

You can download the new version 0.15 from alioth. Please let us know via the Alioth project if something is wrong with the new release. The test suite did not discover any old errors, so if you find a new one, please also include a testsuite check.

Tags: chrpath, debian, english.

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