Petter Reinholdtsen

Parallellizing the boot in Debian Squeeze - ready for wider testing
6th May 2010

These days, the init.d script dependencies in Squeeze are quite complete, so complete that it is actually possible to run all the init.d scripts in parallell based on these dependencies. If you want to test your Squeeze system, make sure dependency based boot sequencing is enabled, and add this line to /etc/default/rcS:


That is it. It will cause sysv-rc to use the startpar tool to run scripts in parallel using the dependency information stored in /etc/init.d/.depend.boot, /etc/init.d/.depend.start and /etc/init.d/.depend.stop to order the scripts. Startpar is configured to try to start the kdm and gdm scripts as early as possible, and will start the facilities required by kdm or gdm as early as possible to make this happen.

Give it a try, and see if you like the result. If some services fail to start properly, it is most likely because they have incomplete init.d script dependencies in their startup script (or some of their dependent scripts have incomplete dependencies). Report bugs and get the package maintainers to fix it. :)

Running scripts in parallel could be the default in Debian when we manage to get the init.d script dependencies complete and correct. I expect we will get there in Squeeze+1, if we get manage to test and fix the remaining issues.

If you report any problems with dependencies in init.d scripts to the BTS, please usertag the report to get it to show up at the list of usertagged bugs related to this.

Tags: bootsystem, debian, english.

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