Petter Reinholdtsen

Perl modules used by FixMyStreet which are missing in Debian/Squeeze
26th July 2011

The Norwegian FiksGataMi site is build on Debian/Squeeze, and this platform was chosen because I am most familiar with Debian (being a Debian Developer for around 10 years) because it is the latest stable Debian release which should get security support for a few years.

The web service is written in Perl, and depend on some perl modules that are missing in Debian at the moment. It would be great if these modules were added to the Debian archive, allowing anyone to set up their own FixMyStreet clone in their own country using only Debian packages. The list of modules missing in Debian/Squeeze isn't very long, and I hope the perl group will find time to package the 12 modules Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI, Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding, Catalyst::View::TT, Devel::Hide, Sort::Key, Statistics::Distributions, Template::Plugin::Comma, Template::Plugin::DateTime::Format, Term::Size::Any, Term::Size::Perl, URI::SmartURI and Web::Scraper to make the maintenance of FixMyStreet easier in the future.

Thanks to the great tools in Debian, getting the missing modules installed on my server was a simple call to 'cpan2deb Module::Name' and 'dpkg -i' to install the resulting package. But this leave me with the responsibility of tracking security problems, which I really do not have time for.

Tags: debian, english, fiksgatami.

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