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Relative popularity of document formats (MS Office vs. ODF)
12th August 2009

Just for fun, I did a search right now on Google for a few file ODF and MS Office based formats (not to be mistaken for ISO or ECMA OOXML), to get an idea of their relative usage. I searched using 'filetype:odt' and equvalent terms, and got these results:

TypeODFMS Office
Tekst odt:282000 docx:308000
Presentasjon odp:75600 pptx:183000
Regneark ods:26500 xlsx:145000

Next, I added a 'site:no' limit to get the numbers for Norway, and got these numbers:

TypeODFMS Office
Tekst odt:2480 docx:4460
Presentasjon odp:299 pptx:741
Regneark ods:187 xlsx:372

I wonder how these numbers change over time.

I am aware of Google returning different results and numbers based on where the search is done, so I guess these numbers will differ if they are conduced in another country. Because of this, I did the same search from a machine in California, USA, a few minutes after the search done from a machine here in Norway.

TypeODFMS Office
Tekst odt:129000 docx:308000
Presentasjon odp:44200 pptx:93900
Regneark ods:26500 xlsx:82400

And with 'site:no':

TypeODFMS Office
Tekst odt:2480 docx:3410
Presentasjon odp:175 pptx:604
Regneark ods:186 xlsx:296

Interesting difference, not sure what to conclude from these numbers.

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