Petter Reinholdtsen

Returning from Skolelinux developer gathering
29th March 2009

I'm sitting on the train going home from this weekends Debian Edu/Skolelinux development gathering. I got a bit done tuning the desktop, and looked into the dynamic service location protocol implementation avahi. It look like it could be useful for us. Almost 30 people participated, and I believe it was a great environment to get to know the Skolelinux system. Walter Bender, involved in the development of the Sugar educational platform, presented his stuff and also helped me improve my OLPC installation. He also showed me that his Turtle Art application can be used in standalone mode, and we agreed that I would help getting it packaged for Debian. As a standalone application it would be great for Debian Edu. We also tried to get the video conferencing working with two OLPCs, but that proved to be too hard for us. The application seem to need more work before it is ready for me. I look forward to getting home and relax now. :)

Tags: debian, debian edu, english, nuug.

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