Petter Reinholdtsen

Seventy percent done with Norwegian docbook version of Free Culture
23rd September 2012

Since this summer, I have worked in my spare time on a Norwegian docbook version of the 2004 book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. The reason is that this book is a great primer on what problems exist in the current copyright laws, and I want it to be available also for those that are reluctant do read an English book. When I started, I called for volunteers to help me, but too few have volunteered so far, and progress is a bit slow. Anyway, today I broken the 70 percent mark for the first rough translation. At the moment, less than 700 strings (paragraphs, index terms, titles) are left to translate. With my current progress of 10-20 strings per day, it will take a while to complete the translation. This graph show the updated progress:

Progress have slowed down lately due to family and work commitments. If you want to help, please get in touch, and check out the project files currently available from github.

If you are curious what the translated book currently look like, the updated PDF and EPUB are published on github. The HTML version is published as well, but github hand it out with MIME type text/plain, confusing browsers, so I saw no point in linking to that version.

Tags: docbook, english, freeculture.

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