Petter Reinholdtsen

Software updates 2010-10-24
24th October 2010

Some updates.

My gnash pledge to raise money for the project is going well. The lower limit of 10 signers was reached in 24 hours, and so far 13 people have signed it. More signers and more funding is most welcome, and I am really curious how far we can get before the time limit of December 24 is reached. :)

On the #gnash IRC channel on, I was just tipped about what appear to be a great code coverage tool capable of generating code coverage stats without any changes to the source code. It is called kcov, and can be used using kcov <directory> <binary>. It is missing in Debian, but the git source built just fine in Squeeze after I installed libelf-dev, libdwarf-dev, pkg-config and libglib2.0-dev. Failed to build in Lenny, but suspect that is solvable. I hope kcov make it into Debian soon.

Finally found time to wrap up the release notes for a new alpha release of Debian Edu, and just published the second alpha test release of the Squeeze based Debian Edu / Skolelinux release. Give it a try if you need a complete linux solution for your school, including central infrastructure server, workstations, thin client servers and diskless workstations. A nice touch added yesterday is RDP support on the thin client servers, for windows clients to get a Linux desktop on request.

Tags: debian, debian edu, english, multimedia.

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