Petter Reinholdtsen

Software video mixer on a USB stick
28th December 2008

The Norwegian Unix User Group is recording our montly presentation on video, and recently we have worked on improving the quality of the recordings by mixing the slides directly with the video stream. For this, we use the dvswitch package from the Debian video team. As this require quite one computer per video source, and NUUG do not have enough laptops available, we need to borrow laptops. And to avoid having to install extra software on these borrwed laptops, I have wrapped up all the programs needed on a bootable USB stick. The software required is dvswitch with assosiated source, sink and mixer applications and dvgrab. To allow this setup to work without any configuration, I've patched dvswitch to use avahi to connect the various parts together. And to allow us to use laptops without firewire plugs, I upgraded dvgrab to the one from Debian/unstable to get one that work with USB sources. We have not yet tested this setup in a production setup, but I hope it will work properly, and allow us to set up a video mixer in a very short time frame. We will need it for Go Open 2009.

The USB image is for a 1 GB memory stick, but can be used on any larger stick as well.

Tags: english, nuug, video.

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