Petter Reinholdtsen

Student group continue the work on my Reprap 3D printer
9th December 2010

A few days ago, I was introduces to some students in the robot student assosiation Robotica Osloensis at the University of Oslo where I work, who planned to get their own 3D printer. They wanted to learn from me based on my work in the area. After having a short lunch meeting with them, I offered them to borrow my reprap kit, as I never had time to complete the build and this seem unlike to change any time soon. I look forward to see how this goes. This monday their volunteer driver picked up my kit and drove it to their lab, and tomorrow I am told the last exam is over so they can start work on getting the 3D printer operational.

The robotic group have already build several robots on their own, and seem capable of getting the reprap operational. I really look forward to being able to print all the cool 3D designs published on Thingiverse. I even got some 3D scans I got made during Dagen@IFI when one of the groups at the computer science department at the university demonstrated their very cool 3D scanner.

Tags: 3d-printer, english, reprap.

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