Petter Reinholdtsen

Thoughts on roaming laptop setup for Debian Edu
28th April 2010

For some years now, I have wondered how we should handle laptops in Debian Edu. The Debian Edu infrastructure is mostly designed to handle stationary computers, and less suited for computers that come and go.

Now I finally believe I have an sensible idea on how to adjust Debian Edu for laptops, by introducing a new profile for them, for example called Roaming Workstations. Here are my thought on this. The setup would consist of the following:

I believe all the pieces to implement this are in Debian/testing at the moment. If we work quickly, we should be able to get this ready in time for the Squeeze release to freeze. Some of the pieces need tweaking, like libpam-ccreds should get support for pam-auth-update (#566718) and nslcd (or perhaps debian-edu-config) should get some integration code to stop its daemon when the LDAP server is unavailable to avoid long timeouts when disconnected from the net. If we get Kerberos enabled, we need to make sure we avoid long timeouts there too.

If you want to help out with implementing this for Debian Edu, please contact us on

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