Petter Reinholdtsen

Web service to look up HP and Dell computer hardware support status
6th June 2012

A few days ago I reported how to get the support status out of Dell using an unofficial and undocumented SOAP API, which I since have found out was discovered by Daniel De Marco in february. Combined with my web scraping code for HP, Dell and IBM from 2009, I got inspired and wrote a web service based on Scraperwiki to make it easy to look up the support status and get a machine readable result back.

This is what it look like at the moment when asking for the JSON output:

supportstatus({"servicetag": "2v1xwn1", "warrantyend": "2013-11-24", "shipped": "2010-11-24", "scrapestamputc": "2012-06-06T20:26:56.965847", "scrapedurl": "", "vendor": "Dell", "productid": ""})

It currently support Dell and HP, and I am hoping for help to add support for other vendors. The python source is available on Scraperwiki and I welcome help with adding more features.

Tags: english, nuug.

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