Petter Reinholdtsen

What standards are Free and Open as defined by Digistan?
30th December 2010

After trying to compare Ogg Theora to the Digistan definition of a free and open standard, I concluded that this need to be done for more standards and started on a framework for doing this. As a start, I want to get the status for all the standards in the Norwegian reference directory, which include UTF-8, HTML, PDF, ODF, JPEG, PNG, SVG and others. But to be able to complete this in a reasonable time frame, I will need help.

If you want to help out with this work, please visit the wiki pages I have set up for this, and let me know that you want to help out. The IRC channel #nuug on is a good place to coordinate this for now, as it is the IRC channel for the NUUG association where I have created the framework (I am the leader of the Norwegian Unix User Group).

The framework is still forming, and a lot is left to do. Do not be scared by the sketchy form of the current pages. :)

Tags: digistan, english, standard.

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